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These shirts are Yellow Ballon Related.
A portion of the net proceeds of these shirts go towards the Divided Sky Fund. 

Divided Sky Residential Recovery Program, opening mid-2023, will be a retreat center where guests will follow an abstinence-based, 12-step outline. They will incorporate mindfulness and solution-based programming to encourage our guests to learn coping skills, life skills, and communication skills taught in workshops and daily lessons. Integrating Emotional Sobriety education will lead our guests to take ownership of self-limiting ideas and thought patterns that hinder their ability to have a productive and healthy life.

These efforts are the outgrowth of founder Trey Anastasio’s lived experience, and his desire to support those in early recovery. Knowing the urgent need for such support in his beloved state of Vermont, Trey and the Divided Sky Foundation (in partnership with thousands of donors) have worked tirelessly over the past several years to bring this dream to fruition.

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